Try proportions are computed to choose whether the SRH needs away from migrant Venezuelan women can be being effectively met inside Roraima

Try proportions are computed to choose whether the SRH needs away from migrant Venezuelan women can be being effectively met inside Roraima

Study sampling

It was thought you to around fifty% of the female would not be searching enough birth-control care and attention. Computation of your population dimensions is predicated on suggestions provided by new UNHCR, indicating a maximum of 7233 persons staying in the new 13 UNHCR-applied shelters, and 1917 women aged 18–59 years, regarding two metropolitan areas for the research range months. Therefore, it actually was estimated one, having a beneficial 95% trust interval (95%CI) (Z = step 1.96), good margin mistake of 5% (0.05) and you can an estimated effect price away from 80%, about 358 women is required . So it number is increased to 405 women, and additionally 47 regarding the native inhabitants. Since overall performance was equivalent into the native and you can non-indigenous feminine, the information and knowledge had been pooled together.

Statistical study

Data analysis consisted of simple frequency distribution, using means and standard deviations (SD), as well as bivariate analyses using the ? 2 or Fisher’s exact test and the calculation of 95% confidence intervals (CI). When the distribution of the data was not normal, the Mann-Whitney test for two independent groups was used. Univariate and multivariate analysis was performed (with Stepwise vaimo Slovakialainen criteria of variables selection) in order to identify variables associated to lack of procurement for healthcare services. Significance level was set at p < 0.05.


Table step 1 summarises brand new standard features of your own investigation professionals. Mean ages (± SD) try 29.1 ± 8.6 years (range 18–forty-two decades; 95%CI: –). All the female were recognized as biracial (62.0%), and most had someone during the time of the brand new interviews (66.2%). Extremely had twelfth grade or specific degree (65.1%). Furthermore, (88.6%) moved of less than 1000 kilometres aside. A few of the female interviewed (75.6%) stated that they’d moved which have children.

Desk dos refers to area of the SRH issues and you can questions advertised by the women. Two-thirds of them questioned had an unmet friends believed you would like and you will also reported a variety of gynaecological issues and you can signs and symptoms of sexually carried bacterial infections, reflecting the brand new finding that doing several-thirds got consulted getting SRH worry and you can ANC worry. not, part of the circumstances worried the means to access ANC consultations. Out-of 63 female (15.5%) exactly who said with offered birth just after coming in in Roraima, 15 had been given zero ANC, principally on account of shortage of availableness (); not, certain (5/14) considered that they don’t you desire care. 10 women (fifteen.9%) claimed which have birth by Caesarean beginning; and you can ten (15.9%) claimed problem following childbirth (mainly fever, hemorrhaging and you may hypertension). Forty-three feminine (68%) acquired no postnatal care, principally because of insufficient access () and you can insufficient facts about the significance of postnatal care (). Furthermore, 30 female (49.2%) stated that healthcare pros did not offer birth control after giving birth.

Dining table dos Sexual and reproductive health problems and medical care sought for because of the migrant Venezuelan women at Brazilian-Venezuelan border (letter = 405), 2019

Table 3 summarises area of the affairs when it comes to accessibility SRH attributes and employ. Most women who’d gotten ANC stated that it was basically satisfied with this new care acquired, which was adequate and you can incorporated research of their weight, blood circulation pressure, and you will intestinal circumference, together with urine and you will bloodstream screening. Oftentimes, an enthusiastic ultrasound test try given and you will recommendations was given on alert cues. Intrapartum worry during the pregnancy medical is experienced advanced while the feminine was basically found, instance while they was allowed to enjoys a partner with these people throughout labour, a rare practice in Venezuela.

Dining table step 3 Use of and rehearse off sexual and you may reproductive wellness (SRH) services among migrant Venezuelan female at Brazilian-Venezuelan edging (n = 405), 2019

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