This Is The Craziest Wedding Proposal Of. Damn. Time.

It’s hard to know what Austin Crecelius was actually thinking as he suggested to their sweetheart Allie on a moving roller coaster. “You shouldn’t fall the band,” would need to be near the top of record.

“I hope my pals are receiving this on video,” would-be a close second.

Obviously, at some point in their unique wacky connection, Allie informed Austin that life was like a roller coaster, with its downs and ups. The guy latched onto this concept, foregoing a fancy cafe or walk-on the coastline for “The Voyage” at Holiday business.

Have a look at video below. As Austin launches into his spiel in addition they commence to climb, Allie begins paying more awareness of the lady sweetheart than the upcoming drop. He’s in Speech Mode, not their regular chatting sound. She will be able to tell anything is actually up.

“existence has its good and the bad, twists and turns,” states Austin, “also it only throws you for a cycle often.”

“but it is a lot more fun with a buddy,” the guy continues. By the time he gets to “thus I planned to want to know…” Allie is actually overcome with feeling.

Too tackle to react much towards terrifying descent that employs. But by the time they get to base, she’s cheerful.

As well as making this hand gesture — like, “guy, what the hell ended up being that?”

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Good on Austin for incorporating one butterflies-in-the-stomach occasion with another for a suggestion his girlfriend won’t ever forget about. And all the best into brand new couple. Discover wanting that, regardless of the highs and lows on their future experience collectively, it’s filled up with thrills.

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