Tagged: Satisfy New-people independently Terms

TL;DR: using more than 100 million associations made every month, Tagged.com could be the top myspace and facebook to spotlight helping customers meet new people — regardless the reason! 

Exactly what began as a niche site for teenagers in order to satisfy similar teenagers provides eventually end up being the go-to social network service proper, unconditionally.

Which service is known as Tagged.

Founded in 2004, Tagged brings individuals of all shapes, dimensions and colours collectively for friendship, matchmaking and more.

“we’ve always desired Tagged are the right place to meet up with new-people,” stated vp of promotion Steve Sarner.

Just what exactly more makes Tagged so great? Read on and you’ll see.

Stand-out features

With the capability to customize your own profile, create labels, filter searches and play games, Tagged enables their customers expressing themselves in such a way couple of social media sites would.

But Tagged’s best and a lot of remarkable element must be satisfy myself, where members browse pictures, select the folks they can be thinking about and a match is manufactured if the other person can curious.

“it has been copied by many people, most recently by Tinder when you look at the cellular area,” Sarner said. “the amount of customization we enable members assists men and women obtain a better understanding to who they really are meeting or might choose to fulfill. It surely enables ones own character and tastes to shine through, way more therefore than just a photo and profile information.”

In addition to proven fact that Tagged comes in 200 countries helps make their customers are just as unique and fun because the functions.

Even though the average Tagged user is actually an educated 33-year-old with a blue-collar job, the site likewise has big multicultural audience, with heavy levels of Hispanics and African-Americans.

“Socializing is actually a key individual demand. Using the internet opens up another globe and way to satisfy and interact socially with individuals,” the guy stated. “Tagged takes pride for making it easy, easy and fun to generally meet new-people.”

Watch out 2015!

Making top-quality connections is always the top goal of the Tagged team, and additionally they will continue to do this from inside the new year when you are familiar with the user experience being open to feedback.

“with the scores of customers and years of information and expertise, we’re in an excellent place to just take this learning and improve the people we give our customers to get to know,” Sarner said. “it is a place we’re certainly continuing to focus on.

And section of that enhanced consumer experience includes using Tagged’s cellular app to a higher level (possibly even giving Apple observe a run because of its money).

“in reality, this current year we remodeled our android software through the floor upwards, making it possible for most of the energy and features of recent android system features,” the guy stated. “Our customers like it, and we will spend more in mobile dancing, including awesome localization attributes.”

“How most of us interact on line can change drastically while we access online, from eyeglasses or a see or you never know what you should get all of our info and entertainment, such as matchmaking,” Sarner persisted. “we must be and also be ahead of the contour right here as these brand-new technologies develop.”

To learn more, visit Tagged.com. Tagged is also available on iTunes and Android.


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